Sigh, Rushes, Sigh 2018

In his tale of passionate love and heartbreaking grief, Swedish poet Gustaf Fröding (1860-1911) explains the drowning of the beautiful Ingalill.

Libuše 2018

A wise princess is asked to hear the case of two feuding brothers. When her judgement is called into question on account of her being a woman, she tries to maintain the peace by finding herself a husband. Smetana’s festival opera about the legendary founder of Prague was first performed to open the city’s new National Theatre in 1881. Now reserved for special occasions, this performance marks the centenary of the Czechoslovak proclamation of independence in Prague.

Ero the Joker 2018

To find a wife who truly loves him, a young trickster disguises himself as a pauper. But getting her parents' blessing will take every trick in the book. Part of the Croatian National Theatre’s repertoire since its premiere in 1935, Jakov Gotovac’s comic opera is an ode to a rural way of life. It culminates in a frenzied tempo with a vigorous ballet – a celebration of Dalmatian music and dance.

Tujuh Bidadari 2018

Seven Angels, a famous girl band consists of 7 members from Indonesia is vacationing in Melbourne Australia and getting to know a local singer, Mark Moore. Mark takes them to Aradale Lunatic Asylum, a haunted former psychiatric home that stores a dark and terrible history. In the midst of critical conditions full of weirdness, one by one the secrets behind the thick wall that has existed since 1866, is revealed.

Jack and Dil 2018

Jack, a comical detective is hired by Waliaji to spy on his wife but things go upside down when Jack ends up falling in love with his client's wife.

Mermaid Unlimited 2016

Yeong-joo, a former synchronized swimming athlete goes to Jeju Island to put together a synchronized swimming team for a performance. She slowly befriends the haenyeo, or female divers, and gradually begins to fit into their way of life.

Back2Zero 2018

Three performers negotiate an urban environment in their quest for meaning. Behind all the artificial encodings is the common experience of searching, conflict and ultimately, liberation.

Drawing. Dancing. 2018

A short experimental animation that collapses boundaries between visual and performing art. Employing a body language that sits between choreography and pedestrian movement, we question if the dancer is drawing or if the drawing is dancing.

Terra 2018

Somewhere in the Alentejo there are two great ovens covered in dirt where a man makes charcoal. Essential elements like fire, water, air, earth and space reflect, breath and celebrate the rhythm of the Earth.

Karma Has You 2018

A young man suffering from a lost love tries to find a way to free himself from his emotional hell, but instead of finding his lover, he finds himself facing his karma.

The Trespasser 2018

A grieving man, Emeka, is trapped in a time loop by the demon known as The Trespasser.